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Getting the most from your reading

A great amount of time is devoted to reading lot of literature during the early stages of research work. Therefore, while reading the existing literature the researcher should try to do the following:

The researcher should try to take good notes including details of the material the researcher reads. It’s difficult to find that the researcher forgets to record the volume number of an article he/she has gone through and not included in the bibliography.

The researcher should try developing critical reading skills. While reviewing the literature the scholar should do more than simply summarise what has been read and should be critical in his approach. This involves moving beyond mere description and putting up questions about the importance of the work.

The literature review should be used as a means of showing why the research questions are important.

The researcher should keep in mind that he/she would want to return to a lot of literature that he has gone through while discussing his findings and conclusion.

The researcher should try not to bring in what all material has been raed through in literature review. The literature review should help in developing an argument rather than undermining the ability to get arguments across.

Once the literature review is done, the reading should not stop there. It should continue for further enrichment of work.