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Role of online databases for research

Technology transition from print media to digital technology has been helping students, scholars and teachers for their research and teaching purposes. Online databases have been playing a vital role helping students preparing dissertations and thesis. Earlier it was a difficult task of obtaining information from various books and journal running around libraries. With many online databases available students can get even more information within few minutes saving a lot of time and money. Some of the databases are free for students while some of them are paid sources. Some databases encourage students to share information thereby providing needed information for students in exchange. A lot of information on technology, arts, humanities, science and medical related information can be obtained from these online databases. Also students must check the authenticity and relevant source of information to avoid plagiarism. Especially when students are faced with time shortage online databases can quickly help students retrieve information.

The one problem with these online databases is that most of the students have limited access to journals and articles. Many of the databases provide limited access for students with free subscription. So in one way they might provide very limited information. Also with online databases students can quickly check the formats and structure of dissertation or thesis if they do not have an idea about them earlier. Some of the databases also provide sample dissertations, thesis proposals, dissertation topics which will help students in starting their thesis work initially. Many universities also provide database access to their teaching staff to support their teaching, research and development. Some of the databases provide information in audio format but such databases are very few. Still there are many students yet to utilize the fruits of technology which will help them reduce the burden and utilize the resources properly.