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When Dissertation Translators Become Dissertation Editors

One of the questions that many students have with regard to their projects is whether those who give them translation assistance can also edit their reports. This is especially true for students who are from non-English speaking countries and they could be working on their projects in their native language or in some other foreign language.

The idea is that the translators already have good knowledge of the language that the student is working in. They also have good knowledge over English. This perhaps makes them the ideal candidate to edit their content as well. The other good thing about translators combining as editors is that it gives them the opportunity to explain to the student mistakes that he had made in his project in his native language. They will not have to struggle to explain his errors in English, which is a language that the students might not be comfortable in. The students also like it when the individual they are taking assistance from can help them in their own language.

They are many translators who are skilled enough at language to offer editing help as well. After all, both translation and editing require a high degree of language skills. Surely, if the individual can do one then he can do the other as well.

Students also find that this saves them a lot of time. If the person they are taking translation help from can also edit their reports then it would be like killing two birds with one stone. Then they will not have to take the help of two separate experts for a task that can be combined. Since the translator is already familiar with the project, he or she will find that editing the report gets done a lot faster and a lot easier.