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Scientific Writing – How to Write the Cover Letter of a Scientific Research Paper

You would need to have interesting and new results to write about in order to publish a scientific research paper. However, this is not enough. You would have to write a convincing cover letter and address it to the editor of the journal to which you would be sending your article for publication.

Give a Good Introduction

Your cover letter should serve as an introduction to your scientific research paper. It is really important since it is the very first thing that the editor of the journal would go through. You should take time to carefully draft and present the research paper well. Then, based on the abstract of the write up and on the letter, the editor will determine whether your article is worth sending to peers for reviewing it scientifically. Make sure that the cover letter you write is not similar to the abstract. It should, however, sum up some of the main points from your article. The goal of each kind of write up is still totally different. In the abstract, you should concentrate on describing what has been done point to point.

Write a Second Cover Letter

The cover letter you are thinking of writing should have not only a good introduction, but also the kind of writing you intend to submit, contact information and the details of the research group, research institute, and all the authors, who have participated in your research paper, contact information of the different authors, details about the kind of research that is being carried on, reasons why the study is great, etc. If you are lucky, your paper will be sent to the peers of the editor for review. Then, the editor will get back to you with a detailed feedback. After that, you will have to edit your write up according to the feedback and send back your research paper with a second cover letter with the doubts of the reviewers addressed. Then, your research paper would be published.