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The style of writing good beginnings for research papers that will get you a SSCI indexed publication

As a student of higher education and if you are intending to pursue your education in research or take up doctoral education, it is a good idea to know how to write good documents that are worthy of publication. The style and format of research publication may vary from subject to subject but the reputed journals, particularly the SSCI indexed have some quality standards as benchmarks that need to be qualified for a paper to get accepted.

As you become more seasoned with doing high end research which has a significant contribution to make in the arena of your study, these are some general hints that will elevate the standards of your document and qualify your document for publication consideration.

One important trick to note here is that, the research should be drafted in such a way that it is attractive to the non-expert section of the readers to the best capacity and at the same time be worthy and interesting enough for the expert section. If as a writer, you know how to strike that balance, it becomes easier for you to impress and gain popularity with a larger spectrum of the population with your publication.

Note these few important things:

The Title

It isn’t enough that your title is catchy. Other than being catchy, it should clearly convey what your work stands for, primarily. Use terminology in such a way that it appears down to earth and intriguing at the same time. Like they say, “An effective title should be like a women’s skirt. Short enough to arouse curiosity and long enough to justify the theme.”


There is an inverse relationship between the significance of the paper and the length of the abstract. When your abstract is short, the results are usually more powerful. The challenging part for a writer here is to keep the abstract concise in a way that it does not miss the key results and the ideas that are there in the paper. A self-contained but brief paragraph is a perfect definition of a good abstract. Most of the time, before sending the document for blind review process, it is rejected or accepted on the basis of the abstract by the editorial team of the journal.

Key Words

The use for key words is to simplify the search on the virtual database. You must introspect onto what kind of search items you want should lead to your research on the internet. Appropriate key words should be defining and exclusive from other papers. Small effort but an important consideration by reputed journals.

Writing a Poetry analysis? – These tips will help you!

Do you need to write a poetry analysis and are confused where to start? Do not worry! Read on these crucial tips that will help you in writing a poetry analysis.

Decipher the meaning of the poem

Question yourself what the poetry is like. As yourself which lines bring out the essence of the poem? What is the poem trying to convey? How forceful is the poem? Always remember that the last lines of the poem are extremely crucial as they either change or emphasize the meaning of the poem.

Consider the choice of words of the poet

The choice of the words of the poet is extremely crucial. Try to ascertain what words the poets have used and in what context have their used the words. Also consider whether or not these words stand out. Try to figure that the words that actually contribute towards the meaning of the poem and also look out at the repetitive words and whether or not they stand out.

Check out for symbols

Look whether the poets have used symbols and images that imply certain concepts like death, youth and love. What are the actual meanings of the symbols and whether or not they are effective?

Ascertain whether the poem has a storyline

Does the storyline point out at some conflict? Does not conflict get resolved in the poem? Do the characters fully shown or they emerge just in parts? What role do they play? Is there suspense in the poem or there is drama?

Check out the tone and voice of the poem

What is the mood of the poet? Whether he is ardent, suicidal, regretful or angry? Does not poet take on another persona? What relationship does the poet try to establish with the reader? Does the poet amuses the readers, persuades them or the poet is simply trying to reflect at the current state of the world?

Ascertain the type of the poem

Is the poem a narrative, sonnet or lyric? What significance can you derive from the poem?

Check out the structure of the poem

Is the poem in irregular form or in stanzas? The poem form which appears on the page play a significant role in its actual meaning.

Check out for a rhyme scheme

Do you find any significance in the rhyme scheme? Does it draw attention of particular ideas or words? Or is the poem is in free verse, without any rhyme scheme!

The Excellence of the Sustainability of Journal Articles

Journal articles are best supported by profound research and extensive studies. Research entails discovering new technologies, understanding the breakthroughs and making new findings. Studies will only help to lay emphasis on those findings for a better understanding. Once the new findings are accumulated, they need to be properly restored in sustainability journal.

A sustainability journal article proves to be great in spreading most useful and wide range of information to a broad audience. The technique offers many advantages that have been offered.

Research is useful and plays instrumental to scholars, scientists and academicians if it is available. There is no use in keeping it a secret, rather spreading the news on the journal will reflect the work, ideas, and major contributions that the person has made in the field. A sustainability journal proves highly effective for scientists too, since they can provide new ideas, methods and information in the realm. Besides, they can conduct further research, verify the different data, and copy methods in regard to what they read. Most importantly, students can use the endowments of these journals for their studies.

Since peers will review the journals properly, each publication will have to pass through a stipulated review process. This will determine the veracity, originality and authenticity of the data, article and findings. The process of reviewing will show the credibility of the journal and also it can prove that the journal has passed through strict publisher standard. With the journal a scientist can prove the weight, importance and relevance in his findings that are contributed to the scientific field.

With a sustainability journal a person can ensure career enhancement, continuing education and academic progress. Remember, publishing reflects something big and recognizable. It consolidates the fact that a person has everything to become a researcher or scientist.

It truly pays off to publish a sustainability journal that manifests your hard efforts and your true talent of spreading innovative ideas and establishing a new futuristic concept.

Peer Reviewed Journals – Understanding The Meaning And The Problems

Some of the best journals in any field are peer reviewed journals. Peer reviewed journals are called so because they are reviewed by those, who are a group of scholarly reviewers. The journal has the ability to meet all your requirements and acquisitions. The process of peer review is not as simple as you might be thinking it is. There are certain problems that you might encounter before your article is published in a peer reviewed journal.

Inauthentic information

Sometimes, the information that has been provided for publication in peer reviewed journals can be inauthentic. Sometimes, it is possible that the source you have referred in order to write your article is itself not an authentic one. Maybe it has some wrong information and is not acknowledged by many people across the world.

Poor quality article

You should maintain certain standards that are set by the journal if you want to see your article published. You have to also set standards for yourself so that your article easily qualifies for publication by the peer reviewed journal. When you do this, you will not face any problems that you might otherwise face while trying to get your article published.

Untrustworthy article

If your article is untrustworthy, then it definitely cannot be published. If you would like it to even be reviewed by the group of scholarly reviewers, then you should consider taking information for writing your article only from trustworthy sources. Moreover, the article should contain only information that is interesting. If not, then your article might not get published.

Uninteresting article

If the information given in your article is not worth reading, then it might be rejected at the very first glance by the peer reviewers. You should, therefore, consider making it interesting to not only the reviewers but also to the general audience.

Scientific Writing – How to Write the Cover Letter of a Scientific Research Paper

You would need to have interesting and new results to write about in order to publish a scientific research paper. However, this is not enough. You would have to write a convincing cover letter and address it to the editor of the journal to which you would be sending your article for publication.

Give a Good Introduction

Your cover letter should serve as an introduction to your scientific research paper. It is really important since it is the very first thing that the editor of the journal would go through. You should take time to carefully draft and present the research paper well. Then, based on the abstract of the write up and on the letter, the editor will determine whether your article is worth sending to peers for reviewing it scientifically. Make sure that the cover letter you write is not similar to the abstract. It should, however, sum up some of the main points from your article. The goal of each kind of write up is still totally different. In the abstract, you should concentrate on describing what has been done point to point.

Write a Second Cover Letter

The cover letter you are thinking of writing should have not only a good introduction, but also the kind of writing you intend to submit, contact information and the details of the research group, research institute, and all the authors, who have participated in your research paper, contact information of the different authors, details about the kind of research that is being carried on, reasons why the study is great, etc. If you are lucky, your paper will be sent to the peers of the editor for review. Then, the editor will get back to you with a detailed feedback. After that, you will have to edit your write up according to the feedback and send back your research paper with a second cover letter with the doubts of the reviewers addressed. Then, your research paper would be published.

Fair Use in Scientific Editing of Manuscripts

Often, many libraries and scientific publications cite “fair use” in order to prevent any copyright violations from occurring. Fair use that has been dealt in the Section 107 of the U.S. Copyright Law expects libraries as well as scientific publications to determine whether their use of a copyrighted material is fair use or not.

Character of use

When you begin to determine the process of fair use, you must begin by determining the character of the usage. It also depends on the kind of organization that you run. When the Supreme Court of the United States of America ruled the transformative factor was important to substantiating Fair Use. If you used a material that is copyrighted, did you transform it in some way and add some insight previously not available in the original version?

Nature of the use

If you use the materials for a fact based manuscript and it increases public knowledge, then you can claim Fair Use for it. If your usage is to increase the amount in your wallet, then the opportunities to claim Fair Use will be lesser and the courts will probably not grant you the chance to claim it.

If you are using materials under Fair Use for scientific manuscripts, then you have a greater chance of publishing it without copyright problems. Oddly, you have a lesser chance of claiming Fair Use when the material has not already been published elsewhere.

How much will you use?

The more of a copyrighted material you use, the lesser will be your opportunity to claim Fair Use for it. Not for profit organizations have a higher chance of claiming Fair Use as compared to the other organizations. This will help them take shelter under the Copyright Laws of the United States Supreme Court.  As an editor, you should also remember the rules of Fair Use before claiming it.

How to Write an Attention-Grabbing Journal Article?

Generally it sounds very simple that you just have to frame a topic, do some homework on it and have to structure an article, but it is not at all a child’s game in actual. You need to focus on many key areas, pay attention to every small detail and plan accordingly to write an eye-catching piece of writing. So, let’s have a look on how to write an attention-grabbing journal article –

  • Think and Plan before you start writing – Why do you need to write a journal article? Is it serving your purpose meant for research? Whether your write-up is matched with that of research contents or is going in some other direction? What all should be included in your write-up to make it meaningful? And have you developed any plan for all the above or have just started writing? Thus, you should work on all these points before you start writing so that you can start in a smart way.
  • Read before you write- Reading is the best practice to enhance your knowledge in any field. Hence, before you start writing go through at least 10-20 articles of your subject and if possible related topic. This will not only increase your subject matter knowledge, but also will give you a fair idea about how to make your article full of fundamental contents and updated facts.
  • Divide your write-up – Division is not always bad, in the case of article writing it systematizes your write-up and also anchors the reader towards it. Decide and include headings, subheadings, paragraphs and head points in your article. This will give your article a contented look and sense.
  • Never forget to add references – Give a complete description of the references used like from where the most quoted sentences are taken, whose task is used repeatedly and do the concerned journal article is ever published in the refereed journal.

All the above points will describe your journal article completely and will definitely grab attention of the readers.

Research Methodologies: An Essential Tool for Investigation

“Research” the name itself suggests that any result is concluded only after a thorough search and assuring the result through repetitive searches on any issue.  Research work is defined as writing a detailed description about any topic. It helps in building up the foundation of any dissertation and completes the study through factual analysis. Methodologies used here helps in finding out the logical and evaluative result of any study undertaken. The major ones are listed below –

  • Qualitative research –

o   This type of research is moreover based on the quality of the study.

o   Qualitative research is descriptive in nature.

o   Methodologies involved are – Interviews, case study, questionnaires, surveys and journals investigation.

  • Quantitative research –

o   It is logical approach of analyzing variables, numbers and hypothesis based research methodologies.

o   Preparing a list of questions on the basis of data’s, variables, hypothesis and its statistical calculation is a part of quantitative research.

o   Achieved result is compared with that of past data’s and changing trends are jotted down.

  • Regression analysis –

o   It is also known as correlation analysis and hence it is based on the bonding and strength of different data’s together undertaken in studies.

  • Quasi-Experiment –

o   Unlike regression analysis, quasi-experiment compares two different variables or groups on certain parameters like one are affected by external factors and other is not.

  • Experimental attempt –

o   Two groups are chosen by random selection of the sample.

o   One group is considered as experimental and other as controlled.

o   Experimental group undergoes all the investigations and study, but control is a silent group which never undergoes any investigation.

o   It helps in understanding the role and effect of testing on the group.

  • Meta-Analysis –

o   It helps in finding out the average of influence of hypothesis or studies commenced on the sample size.

  • Literature based, research –

o   Theoretical knowledge of the chosen topic helps in preparing a solid stuff on your own.

These were some essential tools for investigation.

Literature Dissertations and the Description of Different Types of Conflicts

Most stories are made up of some kinds of conflict, and it is the job of the students of literature to analyse what type of conflicts drive the story. The description of conflicts makes up a huge part of any literature dissertation.

Some novels or short stories or poems are made up on just one type of conflict, while others are made up of two or three types of conflicts. If students were to read enough stories over a period of time they will be able to identify that all works of literature have conflicts that broadly fall into a few categories.

1. One of the first types and one that can be found in almost every work of literature is the struggle against the self. The protagonist is involved in a struggle to alter his own nature or his own destiny.

2. The second most common type is the fight between characters. Most stories involve heroes and villains and the struggle between them.

3. The third type of conflict and one which can often be found in social dramas is the fight by the protagonists to change society and the evils found in it.

4. There are some great works of literature which involve the fight between the lead characters and nature. The characters often find themselves in trying circumstances like an avalanche, or a sea storm, the burst of a volcano or excessively cold and hot weather. The fight with nature is a recurring theme in adventure literature.

5. Then there is the battle with God, where usually the main character questions his faith and the unfairness of the life he has been given.

The students will have to read the piece of literature thoroughly before starting on their dissertation so that they identify all the conflicts in the story and record them accurately.

Types of descriptive research designs

Designing a research project is an elaborate task, wherein you have to take into account several factors like the aim or objective of the study and subject domain. The main elements of a research design comprise the broad methodology, methods used for data collection and analysis and even style of presentation. When preparing your research design, you have to be very specific about all the elements. This requires that you get familiar with various types of design structures and methods that they use.

One of the most commonly used design structures is the descriptive style. As is understood by the name, the information considered for study, as well as the presentation of results will be descriptive in nature. These are mostly used for social science and humanities subjects, like management, psychology, education, anthropology, political science, languages, etc. Here we have listed the array of descriptive research designs:

• Case study: this approach is used to analyze a particular trend, event or condition. Here the researcher is supposed to narrow down a general subject of research and concentrate on a strategically chosen ‘case’ instead of randomly chosen participants. Case studies are a great way to develop a hypothesis.
• Observation based: this method of descriptive study is characterized by active participation of the researcher in the event of phenomenon that is being studied. The data collected through observation is descriptive and is in the form of notes, assimilated over a long duration, or recordings of behavior and communication of the group members. An essential factor to be remembered is that the researcher must not influence the behavior of the participants in any way.
• Survey: surveys are popular amongst management students, especially in the field of marketing. Even government authorities use surveys at the local as well as national level to accumulate important demographic information. These are easy to design and the cost involved varies according to the scale of research.

The presentation of results and conclusions in such studies is in narrative form and critical analysis of subjective information can be done.