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The style of writing good beginnings for research papers that will get you a SSCI indexed publication

As a student of higher education and if you are intending to pursue your education in research or take up doctoral education, it is a good idea to know how to write good documents that are worthy of publication. The style and format of research publication may vary from subject to subject but the reputed journals, particularly the SSCI indexed have some quality standards as benchmarks that need to be qualified for a paper to get accepted.

As you become more seasoned with doing high end research which has a significant contribution to make in the arena of your study, these are some general hints that will elevate the standards of your document and qualify your document for publication consideration.

One important trick to note here is that, the research should be drafted in such a way that it is attractive to the non-expert section of the readers to the best capacity and at the same time be worthy and interesting enough for the expert section. If as a writer, you know how to strike that balance, it becomes easier for you to impress and gain popularity with a larger spectrum of the population with your publication.

Note these few important things:

The Title

It isn’t enough that your title is catchy. Other than being catchy, it should clearly convey what your work stands for, primarily. Use terminology in such a way that it appears down to earth and intriguing at the same time. Like they say, “An effective title should be like a women’s skirt. Short enough to arouse curiosity and long enough to justify the theme.”


There is an inverse relationship between the significance of the paper and the length of the abstract. When your abstract is short, the results are usually more powerful. The challenging part for a writer here is to keep the abstract concise in a way that it does not miss the key results and the ideas that are there in the paper. A self-contained but brief paragraph is a perfect definition of a good abstract. Most of the time, before sending the document for blind review process, it is rejected or accepted on the basis of the abstract by the editorial team of the journal.

Key Words

The use for key words is to simplify the search on the virtual database. You must introspect onto what kind of search items you want should lead to your research on the internet. Appropriate key words should be defining and exclusive from other papers. Small effort but an important consideration by reputed journals.