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Why Conferences are more important than Journals?

1Research in any academic domain across the world all the time calls for collaboration, so that conjugation and overlap of more than one areas can bring forth more significant results from a research based study, which may not be possible on the part of a single researcher. In order to make a proper collaboration, researchers try to look for a platform, where they can meet a huge number of researchers and practitioners from diverse areas, and can have a fair chance to collaborate with them. That is the reason the researchers have the desire of participation in reputed conferences across the world. Apart from that, publication opportunities in conferences can also be an added advantage.

If the conferences and journals are compared, then it can be seen that conferences may seem to be more significant than journals in several aspects. Following are some of those aspects:

  • As discussed earlier, conference can provide the researchers with a great platform for having discussions with other researchers, and in turn, they can collaborate with researchers and practitioners from other disciplines.
  • Researchers always try to look for new research ideas, which can probably be their next works of interest. Going through the pages of any journal can hardly solve that purpose, whereas interacting with other researchers and listening to other research ideas can invoke an ample amount of thought and insight, which may not be possible by going through journals.
  • While sending a paper to a journal, a researcher tries to put forth the best efforts in terms of the quality and content. However, the papers go through a series of revisions, which is not the case for a conference, where a researcher has to put forth more efforts in order to get that paper selected in single shot.

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Important scaling techniques

The scaling techniques are used in the context of research more importantly in relation to social or business research.

The traits of a person or features of any particular thing involve a vivid description thus constituting the rating scale. While using rating scale, the object is judged in absolute terms against any specific criteria like judging the properties of objects without any regard to other same objects.

Ratings could take forms like:

  • Like-dislike
  • Above average
  • Average
  • Below average
  • Very much
  • Somewhat
  • Neutral
  • Dislike somewhat
  • Dislike very much
  • Excellent
  • Good
  • Average

No specific is there in regard whether to use a two-point scale or three points or also scale with no points. Generally, three to seven points’ scales are being used for the only reason that more points on a scale gives an opportunity for greater sensitivity of measurement.

Rating scale can be classified as:

The graphic rating scale

The itemized rating scale.