Research Methodologies: An Essential Tool for Investigation

“Research” the name itself suggests that any result is concluded only after a thorough search and assuring the result through repetitive searches on any issue.  Research work is defined as writing a detailed description about any topic. It helps in building up the foundation of any dissertation and completes the study through factual analysis. Methodologies used here helps in finding out the logical and evaluative result of any study undertaken. The major ones are listed below –

  • Qualitative research –

o   This type of research is moreover based on the quality of the study.

o   Qualitative research is descriptive in nature.

o   Methodologies involved are – Interviews, case study, questionnaires, surveys and journals investigation.

  • Quantitative research –

o   It is logical approach of analyzing variables, numbers and hypothesis based research methodologies.

o   Preparing a list of questions on the basis of data’s, variables, hypothesis and its statistical calculation is a part of quantitative research.

o   Achieved result is compared with that of past data’s and changing trends are jotted down.

  • Regression analysis –

o   It is also known as correlation analysis and hence it is based on the bonding and strength of different data’s together undertaken in studies.

  • Quasi-Experiment –

o   Unlike regression analysis, quasi-experiment compares two different variables or groups on certain parameters like one are affected by external factors and other is not.

  • Experimental attempt –

o   Two groups are chosen by random selection of the sample.

o   One group is considered as experimental and other as controlled.

o   Experimental group undergoes all the investigations and study, but control is a silent group which never undergoes any investigation.

o   It helps in understanding the role and effect of testing on the group.

  • Meta-Analysis –

o   It helps in finding out the average of influence of hypothesis or studies commenced on the sample size.

  • Literature based, research –

o   Theoretical knowledge of the chosen topic helps in preparing a solid stuff on your own.

These were some essential tools for investigation.

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