Writing a Poetry analysis? – These tips will help you!

Do you need to write a poetry analysis and are confused where to start? Do not worry! Read on these crucial tips that will help you in writing a poetry analysis.

Decipher the meaning of the poem

Question yourself what the poetry is like. As yourself which lines bring out the essence of the poem? What is the poem trying to convey? How forceful is the poem? Always remember that the last lines of the poem are extremely crucial as they either change or emphasize the meaning of the poem.

Consider the choice of words of the poet

The choice of the words of the poet is extremely crucial. Try to ascertain what words the poets have used and in what context have their used the words. Also consider whether or not these words stand out. Try to figure that the words that actually contribute towards the meaning of the poem and also look out at the repetitive words and whether or not they stand out.

Check out for symbols

Look whether the poets have used symbols and images that imply certain concepts like death, youth and love. What are the actual meanings of the symbols and whether or not they are effective?

Ascertain whether the poem has a storyline

Does the storyline point out at some conflict? Does not conflict get resolved in the poem? Do the characters fully shown or they emerge just in parts? What role do they play? Is there suspense in the poem or there is drama?

Check out the tone and voice of the poem

What is the mood of the poet? Whether he is ardent, suicidal, regretful or angry? Does not poet take on another persona? What relationship does the poet try to establish with the reader? Does the poet amuses the readers, persuades them or the poet is simply trying to reflect at the current state of the world?

Ascertain the type of the poem

Is the poem a narrative, sonnet or lyric? What significance can you derive from the poem?

Check out the structure of the poem

Is the poem in irregular form or in stanzas? The poem form which appears on the page play a significant role in its actual meaning.

Check out for a rhyme scheme

Do you find any significance in the rhyme scheme? Does it draw attention of particular ideas or words? Or is the poem is in free verse, without any rhyme scheme!

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